Origin of Khonsu

Khonsu is the Ancient Egyptian god of the moon. His name means “Traveller”, and this may relate to the nightly travel of the moon across the sky.

Along with Thoth he marked the passage of time. Khonsu was instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures.

Khonsu also bore the titles of “Embracer”, “Pathfinder” and “Defender”, and was often represented as a child.

As such, Khonsu represents what this website stands for: an endeavor to always travel, find our own path, and learn.


Khonsu is typically depicted as a mummy with the symbol of childhood, a sidelock of hair, as well as the menat necklace with crook and flail.

He has close links to other divine children such as Horus and Shu. He is sometimes shown wearing a falcon's head like Horus, with whom he is associated as a protector and healer, adorned with the sun disk and crescent moon.

Khonsu's name in Ancient Egyptian

Khonsu's name in Ancient Egyptian

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